Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ten views from a Summer Boat

Ten Views from a Summer Boat

Moonlight on the stream's
inky surface, whitewash waves
ripple toward the shore.
Mosquito harbor
the wooden boat
alone, broken ripples
The slap, slap,
slap waves
that have not
found their way
Where are you
in the flickering
night? Where now?
Rope trailing
weeds in water,
underneath all.
Even at night
even on water
shadows of shadows
whiteness worn to silver.
water and wood,
the gentle slip of oars.
Where are we?
Candle-gathered unknown
spirits, paper boats
from chrysanthemum night
suddenly spring dive
in the memory of the river.
It is said the poet drunk
reached out to embrace the moon
and found himself
wed to darkness
as how could he not?
Water washes reeds in still
slow eddies
In pools so quiet they
have the
memory of ages, water so deep
it bleeds.


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