Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hosea 2:14

Hosea 2:14

I   I    I
allure and lead and speak
her her her
into the desert/speak to her heart

How do I hear you
when I am so ready to speak?
I have no ears for listening
when my heart is loading up words
that will spill-a cataract-out of the tomb of my mouth.

I stuff my head with the sounds
of my own broken words
like bottleglass on a fence top
they are enough to keep all out.

Oh my heart is full to breaking
full of myself, my thoughts, my ways.
It is not a tender place but a thicket
and forked and poisonous as an adder's tongue.

And still it keeps filling,
filling until bursting--
bursting completely
with my self.
Bursting with the poison of the self. 

How can I hear you over
the chirrupping, clattering, clanking,
drumming, roaring, droning,
humming, buzzing, chiming,
ringing, three-ring circus I call myself.



  1. Yes. (That's all I want to say at this point -- just "yes.")

  2. Potent poem. Bold tri-useage of "her". Liked this a lot, and can certainly relate to the sentiments expressed therein.

  3. Dear TS,

    As always thank you. You cannot know how good it is to hear kind words, or any words, for that matter regarding this matter of writing.



  4. This is an old post, but I read back a ways. I am feeling this one intensely. It is the point where I am, and he is, and our two rings in the same circus battle for audience. At times we must be selfless. And then again, self aware. Beautiful poem.

  5. Dear Wine and Words,

    Welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for the kind words.